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A film by Samantha Blake Goodman & Jazmin Garcia


Duration: (4:16)

Water delivered us. It separated us. It’s what connects us.

Entre Islas is an embodied homage to the women and men in my family who journeyed with their children from the coffee mountains of Puerto Rico to the islands of Hawaii. 

On these islands my grandmother and her 16 brothers and sisters were born and raised to cultivate the cane fields. Most of them never had the chance to experience their Borikén. Their spirits live inside of me, so I dance to keep their memories breathing between our islands.


Choreography & Performance: Samantha Blake Goodman


Cinematography & Editing: Jazmin Garcia


Sound Design: Daniel Pineda


Color: C. Diaz


Wardrobe: Kristina Garnett


Titles: Symrin Chawla


Produced by: MAPS 

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