Samantha leads master workshops both locally and internationally in various styles. She continues to cultivate her unique contemporary movement approach: Attuned Movement, and choreographic workshop: Fragmented-Fused-Nuanced. She is one of a select group of certified teachers of the Silvestre Technique and has taught Afro-Brazilian Traditional and Popular dance for over a decade. Samantha has had the pleasure of teaching in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Puerto Rico, and Brazil for professional dancers, community members, dance companies, university and youth programs.

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Designed to stimulate individual artistic expression with in the collective setting, this contemporary movement approach reaches beyond a simple understanding of body mechanics to bridge self, physicality, sensation, and expression in the dancing body.

Exploring the intersections of post-modern release based movement with various possibilities of the spine, pelvis, hips, and energetic qualities fundamental to Afro Diasporic dance, Attuned Movement focuses on developing an “available body.” – An attentive body that does not anticipate, but rather responds intuitively; a body that feels, sees, and thinks, as it dances; a body that is prepared to release its joints and direct itself through space; a body that moves freely among other bodies.

Dancers cultivate akinesthetic awareness through observing the simultaneous anatomical and sensory-emotional responses activated while dancing. As these conscious connections are made between body, mind, and sensation, dancers take ownership of their artistic choices to expand their overall dance expression and strengthen a collective mindfulness of both the individual and communal dance experience as a lively whole