FRAGMENTED - FUSED - NUANCED:  A Laboratory For Movement & Choreographic Explorations

Created for movement makers and dancers alike, this choreographic laboratory taps into the intuitive dancing body and mind as a point of departure for generating innovative movement and choreographic strategies. Artists start from themselves, sourcing material from their corporeal and sensory memory to insight new movement possibilities. Working from a rather minimal approach, we allow the movement to speak for itself as it is generated, trying to free the mind from previously conceived ideas so that it can create with out inhibition.

Through a series of observations and movement improvisations initiated by both choreographer and dancer, we begin to take notice of how thematic material naturally emerges from the movement. Trying your movement on other bodies to draw out varying details relating to quality, sensation time and spatial orientation, we set out to explore the expanding possibilities of your movement source. Choreographers trace abstracted ideas originating from themselves and applied to other bodies to craft their movement into a loose choreographic logic/structure.

Fragmented- Fused- Nuanced affirms the limitless possibilities of the artist, acknowledging that there is no need to search far outside of oneself to catch a worthwhile idea. It activates the creative process and hones in on artistic choices to help the artist see ideas through as they occur.